Dream big. Rest easy.

HP Papers are designed and qualified to work in all home and office printers and copiers.

Made in the USA.

All HP Papers sold in North America are also manufactured in North America. We are committed to manufacturing all HP Papers to the highest standards and every sheet comes right from your backyard.

Our promise to you.

If you are ever dissatisfied with the performance of our papers, we will promptly replace the paper or refund the purchase price.

HP Papers guarantees the performance of our products as set forth above by offering replacement paper or credit for paper which fails to perform. Our liability is limited to replacement of the paper or credit in the amount of the purchase price of the paper, with supplied proof of purchase and defective paper samples. HP Papers will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages.

At HP, we guarantee the performance of our products. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, we need to know. Learn about our performance guarantee